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Hiking climbing load absorption

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Hiking climbing load absorption



Hiking climbing load absorption

Apu knee status
If you have any pain in the elderly pedestrian
Good to weaken the joint identification
Knee protection shoes

More than 50% reduction in maximum walking knee pain secondary shock absorbing airbag function.
Improves the drive and walk-way activity.
The excellent ventilation and sweat-absorbing honeycomb structure ocher led gifts The preventive effect of far-infrared emission from the smell, scent antibacterial function.


Reduces the weight on the downhill that leaning forward at Hassan makes no Forget it takes a load on the knee joint. And lets not take an excessive load on the knee joint cartilage attached to the midsole to protect the load increased air suction system. Was born to be a star in Eiffel hiking to demonstrate the excellent effect to protect the knee joint to prevent the fatigue that comes from excessive climbing the cartilage of the knee knee pain when climbing reduces self-developed this technology.