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overweight principle Lose weight shoes insole

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Germany overweight principle Lose weight shoes insole


German principles of diet and obesity prevention insole: - Is based on a very unique functional insole exercise physiologist Stein House in Germany advocated a "heavy Principles" features of this product. A weight of about 300 ~ 500 g weight and a thickness of each Cloths about 5 ~ 6mm

It is very simple star Eiffel subtract the current general sneakers and insoles in your shoes how to use it. Sandwiching the system just by using the principle is that a diet heavy shoes.

These The system is ergonomically designed that is based on a study of pedestrian movement, such as walking foot, toes, bending, shock absorption, foot comfort and safety products. - The effect of this product is the lack of time to exercise for busy modern people walking aerobic exercise that takes place in everyday life. The big advantage is very significant that appear virtually identical to that discipline, including the prevention of obesity and muscle aerobic walking exercise and the effect this constant movement effects.

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